No paddling in February

Paddling in the winter may mean having to watch out for icebergs

Living north of the 45th parallel, I have to expect that travels on my board will be limited. We have ice on the lakes and rivers for at least four months, if not more, and even when the water is open, the air temperatures are colder than what most people accept as comfortable.

However, after being able to get out paddling in October, and then during the week of Thanksgiving, and then a week before Christmas, and then again 10 days after the new year, I was starting to think that I might get out every month of the year. Our winters have been warmer than normal for the past several years, with much less snow and ice cover than we usually get, a fact that made me more confident about my goal to paddle all year.

Then came February, and enough snow and ice to last us through March. By the middle of the month, it became apparent that I wouldn’t be getting out in February. I set my sights on March, but as I write this, icebreakers are working full time to open shipping channels and it’s looking like my first springtime paddle will be in April.

That’s ok. It’s more fun to watch the scenery while paddling instead of having to worry about running in to icebergs.

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