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SUP is yoga on the water

  As you’ve read here in the news column of and through our Twitter feed, “everyone’s doing it” when it comes to yoga on the water and, specifically, when we’re talking about yoga on a stand-up paddleboard. So far, I haven’t joined the ranks of folks performing yoga positions such as “downward dog” or [...]

Paddleboarding in Georgia – WHAT’SUP

Georgia is home to hundreds of miles of gorgeous beachfront, healthy rivers and inland lakes. Paddle boarding is top notch practically all year and the locals are as friendly as can be.    __________ Whether your SUPthing is casting, cruising, camping or just getting a great upper body workout, consider Georgia when paddleboarding up the [...]

Paddle boarding in Connecticut – WHAT’SUP

In Connecticut and other New England states, inland paddleboarding is outrageously cool. Lakes and rivers abound in just about every city and town and when traveling north into Massachusetts or west to New York Connecticut makes a great base camp. __________ Paddleboarders traveling to Connecticut will find calm waters. Aside from the Connecticut River and [...]

Paddle Board Colorado – WHAT’SUP

What do you see when you think Colorado paddleboarding? After all, the state is about 1,000 miles from the nearest ocean… That doesn’t stop many in the land of outdoor pursuits where mountain climbing is king, skiing in swimwear is the norm and skydiving is how some people wake up in the morning. No, Colorado [...]

California Paddle Boarding – WHAT’SUP

Laguna, Surf City, Malibu – names that evoke visions of paddle boarding the California coast, skimpy bikinis and bonfires on the beach… California undoubtedly is a ‘must SUP’ adventure when searching for exciting places to fish, camp, surf or hang with locals.  The ‘Golden State’ boasts more than 1,400 paddle-board friendly places and the San [...]

Paddleboarding Arkansas– WHAT’SUP

Thousands of paddle board things to do in the ‘Natural State’ Nestled north of Louisiana and south of Missouri , Arkansas is at the heart of the Deep South. The countryside and mountains are breathtaking and 600,000 acres of spring-fed Arkansas lakes means pristine opportunities for freshwater fishing, diving and snorkeling paddleboard enthusiasts. Arkansas features [...]

Paddleboard Arizona – WHAT’SUP

Paddle board in the desert? Absolutely! Freshwater lakes and streams across Arizona offer pristine calm waters and mind-blowing sunsets – and yoga paddleboarding for you tight body types! SUPing 187 miles on Arizona’s Colorado River, paddle board extraordinaire Archie Kalepa described the  river’s white water as “five dimensional” in nature. Whether you head out to [...]

Alaska Paddleboarding – WHAT’SUP

Yes, there is paddleboarding in Alaska. Is the water cold? Yes. Massive icebergs, humpback whales, sea lions. Clear crisp water, you, and your paddleboard. Sounds crazy wild doesn’t it? Yep, SUPing in Alaska is quite the adventure.  You come away with the thrill of a lifetime and lots of great photos to boot.  SUP alongside [...]